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remaplan GmbH is founded in 1984 in Munich in the South of Germany. There had been two different branches:
Plant Engineering and Marketing and Sales.

remaplan GmbH had been a specialist in manufacturing products for the garden made of recycled plastic material.
The main products had been compost bins and

In March 1995 remaplan GmbH was devided. The Plant Engineering moved to Landau / Isar and the Marketing and
Sales moved to Unterhaching, a small town in
the South of Munich.

When getting independent remaplan GmbH could concentrate itself on selling to the large DIY markets in Germany.
At the beginning of remaplan GmbH the German
Communities had been the main customers.

In 2003 remaplan GmbH became a member of the WIBO GROUP in Meitingen who is a specialist for plastic products
for home and garden, situated near Augsburg. The
compost bins of remaplan GmbH complete the product line of the

In August 2008 remaplan GmbH moved from Unterhaching to Meitingen to be at the point of production and to make ways
of information shorter.

Now, at the end of 2010, remaplan GmbH is a well known seller for compost bins in Germany and also in Europe.
The new compost bin generation contains the sizes of
330 l, 400 l and 600 l. Next year remaplan GmbH will offer a new
compost bin with a
capacity of 800 l. Every compost bin is made in our own factory in Meitingen/Germany.

At the beginning of the second decade of this century remaplan GmbH wants to sell the compost bins to all leading DIY
markets in Germany and Europe and also to
European Communities. In many European countries the communities start to
more and more private households with compost bins.


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