Kompostieren wie ein Profi!


remaplan GmbH is specialised in garden products. As remaplan GmbH has started very early to use technical advantages concerning products of recycled plastic, remaplan GmbH became one of the leading seller of plastic compost bins. We are
your specialist for compost bins!

You will find garden products of remaplan in Europe, especially in Germany, in most of the leading DIY-markets and sold by
Internet. Millions of satisfied customers have
made remaplan GmbH to an efficient seller in the domain of garden compost bins
made from recycled material. The very good acceptance of the remaplan products by the users and the special dealers for garden products are the reason for the great demand for our garden products.

The new generation of remaplan compost bins is based on the ambitious and high quality- and technology standards. Our long- standing experiences in manufacturing and using of garden compost bins are a great part of the developing of the new
product generation. All products of remplan GmbH are manufactured in Germany. The exact fabrication in our own production is
the base for easy assembling, using
without problems as well as a quick composting. The clear and attractive design of
the new compost bin generation shows the leading trends in this area and is oriented on the advantage of the users.

The Thermoquick® compost bins of remaplan GmbH are packed in an attractive way, easy to carry and can be assembled easily without any tool. The detailed assembling instructions and advises for composting in different languages are
enclosed to the product.

With using the compost bins of remaplan GmbH you will do a good thing for the environment. You avoid unnecessary waste and
win precious fertiliser for yourself. In
a biological way the organic waste will become natural compost and rich of nutrients by using remaplan compost bins. You make really easy and quick your high-quality fertiliser, with which you can make happy your flowers, plants and lawn!

The compost bins of remaplan GmbH with their very beautiful design will be a harmonic part of your garden in best quality and
worth the money.