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double environmental control with products of remaplan GmbH

environmental control no. 1

Composting with remaplan products reduces your own waste.

environmental control no. 2

remaplan products are made of recycled raw materials

information to environmental control no. 1:

With the compost bins of remaplan GmbH you will do a good thing for the environment. You avoid unnecessary waste and win precious fertiliser. For all ecology-minded people the compost bins of remaplan GmbH are the first choice. Approximately a third

of the waste of the house and garden are of organic material, which can be composted in the bins of remaplan GmbH . The intensive
process of rotting in remaplan bins makes the way free to precious natural fertiliser. An important fact for the environment. Making easy and quick fertiliser was also good to save money.

information to environmental control no. 2:

All compost bins of remaplan GmbH are made of thermoplastic waste , which would otherwise be deposited. remaplan GmbH
takes care with 100% to do the best for the environment, because precious raw materials, which have once fulfilled their
economical function can be used again as new ecological useful products manufactured in technical and innovative production machines. All products of remaplan GmbH are packed in a compact and ecology-minded way to avoid additional waste of packaging material. They are easy to carry, have the right size for even small cars and can be assembled easy without any tool. With compost bins of remaplan GmbH you will get a useful product with an attractive design – high quality at extremely low prices.


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